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Manytimes, Kindle fire users receive automatic updates to add new features to their device. However, some fail to update their device because of the fact that they neither set their device to automatic updates nor they have a stable wireless connection.

In such cases, many users couldn’t figure out how to switch to the latest version manually. Well, here’s a good news. We have gathered some useful techniques that will help you update your device to the latest version.

 • However, before updating the device, it is better to check its installed version as you might have installed the latest version and may not be aware of it.

 • Apart from this, do check your network connection. Before updating your Kindle device, always ensure that you have a stable wireless connection.

 • Also, make sure that your device’s battery should not be less than 30%, as low battery might interrupt the update process.

Here is a quick way to update your kindle fire HD device to the latest version:

  • • Updating Kindle Fire using your device:
  1. In order to update the device, go to the Settings-> device Options->system updates>check now/update. If your device is not having a present version, the update option will appear else the message will appear as “update file has already been downloaded”.
  2. Once the update has been downloaded completely, the device will restart to apply the update and the message will appear as “installing system update”.

  • • Updating Kindle Fire using a computer: This process is for those who are not willing to update their Kindle Fire via their mobile. To do so, you need to connect your kindle fire HD device with a computer using a USB cable.
  1. Firstly, download the update file. To do so, you can visit Amazon Fire & Kindle fire software updates to get the file.
  2. Secondly, transfer the updated file to your Kindle Fire. Now trace the icon of thefile on the computer, copy the file to the device and eject the device from the computer.
  3. Lastly, install the updates by first unlocking your devices’ screen, select settings options>device Options->system updates->update to begin the installation.
  4. As soon as the device is updated, the Kindle Fire will restart automatically and you will see “installation system update” on your screen.

Once your device is updated to the latest version, the performance of your device will be increased, new features will be added and bugs will be fixed. In case you are unable toupdate your Kindle device, it is advised to seek the help of a technical expert. We at can help you meticulously update your Kindle Fire HD device. Just drop us a line and we will contact you soon.


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