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Amazon has taken the smart tablet and digital content market by storm with Kindle Fire HD. This device is Holy Grail for all gadget lovers as it is amazingly easy to use and very beautifully designed. However, sometimes even the most beautiful of things can give you headaches. Like no other device, Kindle Fire HD is also not immune to technical issues. Many users have complained about Kindle Fire HD Micro SD card not recognized or not working. This might not be a major problem and if you are facing this issue then don't worry, you are at the right place, just try the following troubleshooting steps and see if the problem has resolved for you.

1. The first logical step would be to just restart the device and see if the Micro SD card works. Sometimes a restart can really help and the device fixes some issues on its own.

2. If still, the Micro SD card is not working, we need to make sure if the card itself isn't the problem. If you have another Micro SD card on hand, try inserting that into your device and see if it works. Or if you don’t have another Micro SD card then try using this one with another device. This would narrow down the cause of the problem, whether it is the device or the card.

3. If the problem is found to be in the device, then try updating the device to make sure it is running the latest software. You can also try going into the Settings->Storage->SD card and see if content categories are active.

4. If the problem is with the card, you can try connecting to a PC, do a back up of your data and format the card. Choose format FAT32 or exFAT. There might be some issues with the card formatting which could be causing the issue.

5. If nothing works out for you, there might be a problem with the device hardware and in that case, it is advisable to seek professional help.

The above steps should resolve your Kindle Fire HD Micro SD card not recognized or not working issue. In case you face more problems or the device has problems, you can contact Amazon customer care and they should be able to solve your problem. Nonetheless, it is a great device to use and carry with you and don't let such minor issues trouble you, the device is worth the headache.


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