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Are you a proud kindle owner? How will you feel if one day your device suddenly stops responding or doesn’t turn on? Being a gadget, your Kindle device can also experience some trouble at times. And if it happens, you can miss out all important activities you do on your device.

My kindle won’t turn on, device is not responding, illuminating light doesn’t appear, etc. –are some issues that many kindle users have come up with. Well, these problems can occur due to many reasons such as charging issues, frozen screen, restart issues, etc.

So, if your device too is facing Kindle not powering on issues, your worry is over! Here’re a few troubleshooting steps that will help you get rid of powering issues in your device. Have a look how!

  1. Charging issues: This is the most common issue that restricts your device to power on. So, whenever you are charging your device, make sure that you check the charging light that will appear yellow when the charger is connected. This will indicate that your device is charging well. Also, when the charging is complete, the light will turn green. In most cases, if the device is not getting charged, it is recommended to charge it using other wall outlet, as there might be some problem in the wall outlet. However, if this doesn’t work, then your devices’ AC adapter needs to be replaced. Before going for the AC adapter replacement, try to connect the device with the computer using the USB cable and if it works well, then there’s an issue with your adapter itself.

  2. Frozen screen: Another important reason behind your device not powering on may be due to the frozen screen. In this, your device will be turned on, but the screen being frozen will show blank page. During this phase, many users assume that the device is turned off but this it’s actually not. The device will appear to be turned off, but it is actually on. So, when your device screen gets frozen, it is advised to give your device a manual reset. To give a reset to your device, all you have to do us slide and hold kindle power slider for at least 20 seconds. If your device’s screen turns on, it’s well and good, but if not, try to charge your device before reset.

After following these steps, if still you’re facing problems with your device, the best way to get out of such situation is to contact an expert technician. We at are intended to solve your kindle device related issues with a great zeal. So, feel free to contact us!


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