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Kindle serves millions of readers across the globe with the best books in the world, giving them soul for life with new books to read every day. But because of being such a busy place, even Kindle can slip out a few times and give you trouble while downloading. Here are some simple DIY steps that you can follow to solve your Kindle issues without much difficulty.

Kindle Download Error:
If you are having trouble downloading or not receiving kindle book on your device, then check the following points carefully:

Network Connectivity:
Check the status of your data connection/wireless network. In case your device is out of sync you will be disconnected from the network, resulting in halting your purchases, downloads and sync from the device. Check Wi-Fi indicators by visiting the Settings screen through the upper right corner of Kindle.

Syncing books & periodicals:
In case whisper sync wasn’t enabled on your device or if Kindle was unable to receive a periodical/book then better sync your device manually. All you need to do is, Select the Menu button from home click on Sync and then Check for Items.

Pending Titles:
Also, check if there are any titles queued up for delivery. You can manage those by visiting Manage Your Content and Devices tab. Here you can select the Pending Deliveries and download them to your device when in sync with a wireless network.

Check payment method: Check if your payment method is valid.

  1. Visit Manage Your Content and Devices>
  2. Click On the Settings Tab>
  3. Find Digital Payment Settings and click on Edit Payment Method and review your payment settings>
  4. Select the relevant Credit Card info and Continue (If required- enter information about a new card)>
  5. With the updated information choose your billing address and continue to Kindle Payment Settings page
  6. Now, you can view the edited 1-Click payment method.

Check Home Screen Filters:
Check if you have added any filters to your home screen. Maybe one of these filters is hiding your latest downloads. On top of kindle display screen> Select Most Recent First and click on the right side to filter out based on Author or Title.

Force Shutdown:
A lot of issues like frozen screens or download issues can be resolved by restarting your device. To restart simply-

  1. Press the power button and hold for 40 seconds
  2. The screen goes empty after 8 seconds, don’t stop holding the power button then
  3. Release the power button after 40 seconds, the light charge indicator will restart in a matter of seconds.

Are you filtering content on your Home screen?
Your Home screen may not be displaying all of the titles downloaded to your device.

At the top of your Kindle screen select By Most Recent First and press the right side of the 5-way controller to filter items by Title or Author.

We hope your problem for kindle book download error and not receiving kindle book error was solved. We wish you a happy reading experience.

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