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Amazon released electronic reading device for e-readers to fulfill their reading fantasy. Carrying a lot of books every time you travel doesn’t suite everybody. So, Amazon introduced this small and user-friendly device, Kindle that allows a customer to read, select, download or shop their favorite books, magazines and newspaper in an amazing digital format. This hand-held and portable device made with a full keyboard leaves the book lovers always fall for it.

There are not so many people who face a lot of problem while using Kindle. However, being an electronic device there is a possibility that it can trouble you with some small issues. Fret not; these issues are not so annoying and can be solved by you without any assistance.

Kindle Fire HD No audio through headphones or speakers isn’t a general issue, it occurs very rarely, so follows such trouble-free and troubleshooting steps to nail it. If you are one of the millions who is not getting sound through Kindle’s headphones or speakers, then this post has buried potential solutions. Check out:

  1. Checking sound option in the device should be your very first step to fix this issue. It is advisable to find if your volume is turned up or not. Go to Volume Up button at the side of the tablet, or click Display and Sound tab in Settings bar.
  2. If there is no sound coming from speakers, then it’s time to insert headphones and then remove it in a few seconds. While processing it, do soft reboot the device, by turning it off and on again. This frequently turning off and on the device, is called soft reboot.
  3. If your Kindle covered with a case, remove it and then plug your earphones. This also sometimes work wonders for people while fixing the issue in no time.
  4. Make sure your headphones are working well. Try to connect with some other device to check if they are working or not properly. After that, simply jiggle the headphone jack to check if any sound is easy to hear or not. If nothing works, ask for a replacement from Amazon since your speaker or jack may be defective.

You can fix this issue in a very short span of time with the help of aforementioned steps. Hopefully, these steps help you with sound issues. Moreover, Amazon customer support is available 24*7 for their esteemed customers. You can also consult them about this sound issue as they aid you while making your perfect device back working.

Our Amazon Kindle fire tech support number for Bronx is: 1-844-897-6225 Give it a try and probably you’ll find a solution to your problem.

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