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Did you keep your Kindle device aside as you took a break from reading? Or have you been charging it from an incompatible source all this time? In such cases Kindle devices can have critical battery errors or won’t stay charged, which adds to user frustration when they wish to read something. Let’s resolve these errors in a few easy steps. Have a look.

Kindle Battery Won’t Stay Charged?

Here is what you need to do.

  1. Once done reading, put your device in sleep mode. By putting your device into sleep you conserve a significant amount of battery life- simply press the Power button to do so.
  2. Disconnect from wireless connections or Data networks. You can turn it off from Menu icon, to settings and click On in front of Airplane mode.
  3. Charge your device with compatible power adapters only. Charging with other power sources of USB cables doesn’t support some versions and this could be the reason that device doesn’t stay charged.
  4. After 6 hours disconnect the power source and restart the device. Press the power button for about 7-10 seconds and select Restart from the Power dialogue box.
  5. Confirm that your device is charging by plugging it back to the compatible power and see if it is charging.

Kindle Critical Battery Error
Each charge gives Kindle a life of 30 hours or more. In case you are charging with a critical battery error, follow the instructions mentioned below:

Connect to a power source:
Critical battery error is a result of battery being drained entirely. Connect your device to a power source and try to turn it on. In case of completely drained battery it might take several attempts.

Plug Into a power outlet:
You can use the adapter to charge your device as it charges faster as compared to a computer.

Charging indication:
Make sure that the yellow light on your Kindle is present. If the light isn’t present when the device is connected to power sources the it is not charging. It can take multiple attempts for the device to discover the power source.

Let is charge:
Let the device charge at least for 4 hours. Do not use it during the charge and keep checking that the yellow light is on. Unplug it after 4 hours and see is the power turns on using the sliding power button.

20 second check:
If the device doesn’t start in 20 seconds reboot into Recovery mode.

Hold on:
Hold the home key for 40-45 seconds and release it when the screen flashes.

Letter ‘R’:
If you have a keyboard press the ‘R’ key till the time screens flashes.

After these steps plug the device back into charging and let it charge for a few more hours while checking for the yellow light regularly. This should resolve your critical battery error

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