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Kindle users often experience Content Error Issues while they are on the move. Imagine reading your favorite book and you see your Kindle book missing some pages. We will be discussing the means to resolve these errors in the following lines. Take a look.

Unsynchronized Pages:
This error mostly occurs due to lack of stable internet connectivity and it affects whisper sync on the device as well. Check the whisper sync health by following these steps:

  1. Click> Manage Kindle Devices (you will find the option from Home settings)
  2. Once in Settings, Enable synchronization
You can troubleshoot the error by checking the network connection on your device. The Wi-Fi indicators show the strength of the connection and higher number of bars are directly proportional to a stronger connection.

Unable to open book your device:
It all starts with the network connectivity. Check if your network connection is strong. While these issues should be resolved with adequate network connectivity you can troubleshoot further by following these steps:

Understand the reason:
Primary reason for such an occurrence is an error in the source download link. You can remove and proceed to re-download the eBook by following these instructions:

  1. From your Home Screen- Locate the book you wish to delete
  2. Open the menu and click on Settings icon
  3. Tap on menu once again and initiate the restart option
  4. Once the device has been restarted, check the archived menu and then process to re-download the file.
This should resolve the outlying errors and you can access books on your device without problems. In case the problems persist use your computer by connecting with a USB cable.

Content & Missing Pages Errors:
If you are experiencing this issue then the best way it to report the issue to Amazon Kindle supports. Follow these steps to report your issue:

  1. Tap and hold to select a passage on the faulty page
  2. Tap ‘More’ in the menu and initiate your complaint by tapping Report Content Error
  3. Then proceed to select the type of error you experienced. List the error by using the onscreen keyboard in best possible manner
  4. Click Submit to send an error report.

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