Reading has been one of the favorite leisure activities done by the humans. People have been buying hard copies of the books from the store since a long time. But with the advent of technology it became necessary that a person should be able to have the digital copies of the books on the handheld devices.

Understanding the need of the hour, Amazon, back in 2007 developed the Kindle devices. Initially launched as an e-reader, later versions of Kindle included features of an android tablet as well. When Kindle was first launched, it had an e-ink screen display primarily used for reading e-books downloadable from Amazon store. Although the primary motive of using Kindle devices had always been book reading without any distractions. But Amazon evolved according to the customer needs and market trends which led them to launch multimedia tablets like Kindle fire. Amazon has also launched the Kindle app for Android, iOS and Windows platform. This enabled users to enjoy book reading on different devices without owning a Kindle device. Success of initial models of Kindle is due to ability of customers being able to download and read books in comfort of their home whereas the later models were successful because users were able to multitask while reading the books.

Although Kindle devices work very smoothly and give minimal problems. But there are some issues on even the perfect devices. One of these issues is books won’t delete from Kindle once a user is done reading.

There are some people who want to maintain their collection by storing the books on the device, but there are others as well who like to delete the books after finishing to maintain the space availability on the device. Issue these people face is that they are not able to delete books from Kindle e-reader. For help regarding this issue, one can call Kindle technical support at: +1–877–794–2715 or following steps can be tried:

1.) Try to delete the book from the device directly by going to “Library”, pressing and holding on title to be deleted till the options are there and selecting the delete option.

2.) If first step is not able to get rid of the selected title for you, you can log in to your Amazon account.

a.) Under “My account” tab, click on “Manage content and devices” option.

b.) Scroll down the content list for the title to be deleted.

c.) In front of the title click the small box containing the options and select “Remove”.

This should be enough to delete the book and next time your device syncs, the book should not be on your device. If issue still persists, Call on: +1–877–794–2715 for Kindle Technical Support.

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