Printers are commonly found in almost every home and office. Although almost all the issues one can face while using printers can be easily fixed by the user itself. Some common issues and ways to fix them are listed below. If the issue still persists one can always call Printer technical support Phone number +1-877-794-2715

Paper jams

Firstly, reference to User manual is advisable in this case.

Other possible reasons for this issue are:

  • Paper misaligned in tray
  • Dirty paper
  • Loading paper while printing process is going on
  • Different paper types loaded
  • Obstruction in paper path
  • Damaged paper rollers


  • Inspect the paper path and remove any paper stuck and remove it straight and without tearing.
  • Remove the paper tray in case of misaligned paper and reseat the tray after positioning the paper correctly.
  • Remove the paper and check if it is stacked correctly.

Connectivity issues between printer and computer

A printer could be connected with computer with a USB or wirelessly using WI-FI. Connectivity problems can be faced in both cases:

USB connection issues

  • USB cable faulty
  • Connection of USB cable with printer or computer is improper.
  • A corrupted USB driver.

Wireless printers are a convenience for printing from different devices, but using a wireless printer can invite a lot of problems. Most common issue while using a wireless printer is connectivity issue (printer not connecting to Wi-Fi).

WI-FI connection issues

  • Wi-Fi signal is not strong.
  • Printer is not able to communicate with Wi-Fi.
  • Connection between printer and computer is interrupted.
  • Misconfiguration of printer with computer.


In case of a USB connection, try to use another cable and check the connection between the computer and printer thoroughly.

In case your printer is wirelessly connected to a network, you may need to seek assistance from a specialist at Printer technical support (Phone number).

Printer working slow

Reasons for printer printing too slow maybe:

  • Trying to print high resolution images
  • Using incorrect drivers for the printer


Trying to lower down the quality of print jobs can fix the problem to a great extent.

Seek assistance of a printer specialist at Printer technical support (Phone number) to find and install the correct drivers for the print job intended.

Spooler error 

This error occurs if a number of print jobs have been sent to the printer and one of the print jobs have an issue. Most common reasons for this issue are:

Print jobs getting stuck in a queue due to some problem in one document sent to the printers.

Corrupt data on one of the documents sent for printing, because spooler can’t translate it for the printer.

Failure of the spooler service on the computer connected to the printer.


Recheck all the documents for any errors or any problems in the format.

For fixing the spooler service failure on computer, you may need to seek assist from a specialist at Printer technical support +1–877–794–2715.

Printer offline

Printer may be showing offline status due to following reasons:

  • Connectivity issues between printer and the computer.
  • Connectivity issues between printer and the WI-FI.
  • An issue with printer driver or software.


  • Check that all the cables are connected properly.
  • Check that WI-FI to which printer and computer are connected is working properly.

If issue persists, seek assist from a specialist for fixing the driver issues at Printer technical support +1–877–794–2715