Human beings have a penchant for book reading since forever. In today’s age of technical evolution, feeling the necessity to provide readers with an option to carry the books digitally in large numbers motivated Amazon to develop the Kindle devices. Kindle was solely intended to cater the book reading needs of users initially. Although Kindle has evolved from book reading devices to multimedia tablets enabling users to multitask while reading the books, but still the primary purpose of owning a Kindle device remains the same: book reading while on the go.

Ability to store a large number of titles in handheld devices has eliminated the users’ need to visit the store and purchase a book every time they want to read a new book. Users can just create an account on and purchase books online in digital form. Inbuilt library is provided to Amazon users under the option “Manage content and devices” under “My account” section of Amazon account. All the books which are available for free as well as the priced books show up under this option. All the content purchased by a user can be synchronized with the Kindle devices. They can also synchronize all the content on Kindle applications designed for different platforms like Windows, iOS and Android. With the increasing popularity of Kindle, there are some issues which are noticed by the users. One of the issues most faced by users is that the books won’t download on Kindle. Kindle support phone number +1–877–794–2715 can always be reached for expert help on this issue.

Unable to download books on Kindle when a user is immensely interested in reading some particular titles can be extremely frustrating.

Some troubleshooting steps that can be tried if a user is unable to download books on Kindle are as follows:

  1. Make sure the device is connected to the Wi-Fi.
  2. Once the book is purchased through Amazon account, swipe from top to bottom on Kindle device and tap on Sync. After waiting for 20 seconds, press and hold the power button for 40 seconds to restart the device.
  3. In case the books won’t download on Kindle application, Go to settings, select Apps & Games, select Manage all applications, select clear cache, select Force stop and re-launch the application.

Above mentioned troubleshooting steps should be enough to take care of the issues regarding books, but if the issue persists give a call on Kindle support phone number +1–877–794–2715