How to Access the router setup of TP-Link and D-Link Using

Wireless routers are one of the most commonly used devices. Most of the people across the world prefer to go for TP-Link and D-Link routers due to their easy setup and configuration process among other features. In recent times, every house has one or more computers and they are often connected through a wireless router. Though, sometimes the configuration method of these routers enhances a daunting task that a regular user may or may not be able to execute. Therefore an expert help is what users require the most when they face problems related to the router’s configuration.

Accessing the router setup of TP-Link router:

  • The main reason which the home network users and end users would want to access this page is to set/ change the wireless security mode, network security keys, or the SSID. To do it, you have to follow these necessary steps.
  • First, you need to turn on your TP-Link wireless router
  • Then, you have to connect your computer to a device using the cable. Now, the routers will allow an end-user to change the configuration even using the wireless connection.
  • In this step, you should open a web browser on your computer and enter the IP address in the address bar.
  • Then, you have to press enter or return key based on your computer model.
  • Currently, you have to enter the username and password which you have already set up for your TP-Link. If you have not changed the default login information.
  • Once you are logged into a router, your browser will display the main configuration page. You need to select the wireless settings menu option to view or/and modify the wireless encryption type, SSID, passphrase/password for your network.
  • When you completed all changes on the router settings, click on the apply button.

Accessing the router setup of D-Link router:

  • In order to access the D-Link router setup, you have to follow these steps.
  • Just turn on your D-Link router and connect it to your computer using the cord. When you are using an older version of Windows, you will have to restart your computer once connected to the router for Windows to recognize your connection.
  • Open or launch a web browser on your computer. Now, you need to enter in the address bar and hit Enter key.
  • You can enter admin for the username and leave a password field blank if you have not already configured various login information for your D-Link router.

After successfully logging in you can just choose run the Wizard option in order to guide you via the router configuration or select the wireless link from the menu to manually configure your router configuration and security settings. You can call on the D-Link Router technical support number +1-877-794-2715 they will help you out and resolve your issues. In this step, you have to enter the SSID, key, and the connection channel in the displayed menu for your private network. New D-Link routers support up to 4 keys to enter at one time in a router device. But only one key is active for the network at a particular time.