How to add or load Maps on Garmin GPS Device?

Navigation has removed all the changes which everyone has faced while planning a trip. There are several options present in the market for GPS devices, but one of the leading brands which have brought class apart products to consumers is Garmin. From aviation to marines, it has covered every segment of the industry. When a traveler plans a journey, it will require the map of a location which it is going to visit. Garmin devices have the feature of adding maps as per user’s choice. Following we have discussed three

Adding maps through MapInstall on PC

If you have a device from new series such as 62, then you will not face any issue in managing maps, but for older units, Basecamp will rebuild the entire map database which you have selected till now. Following is the process of updating a map through Map Install:

1: Open the application of Garmin. Make sure that you use 2.0.9 version or higher as this version is compatible for uploading maps correctly.

2: Plug in your navigation device which you want to update such as an SD card, microSD card, or GPS unit into a system. All these options will appear on the left side of an application window.

3: After plugging in, right click on the selected device and choose Install Maps option.

4: The application will open MapInstall. If the gadget will be able to install all the selected maps, then it will ask for the final permission and will smoothly conclude the installation process. On the other hand, if the device will encounter storage issue, then you will have to select the maps which are vital for now. You can select the parts by dragging across the map. The selected segments will be highlighted in yellow. It will update the amount of spacebar at the bottom which will help you in making the right decision of choosing the required segments. After making a decision, click on continue and proceed further.

5: A window will appear on which you will be able to see all the maps installed on GPS gadget. Here you can select required files and can delete unwanted data without any problem.

 6: Garmin MapInstall sends data in the form of map sets to a GPS unit or memory card which you want to use. When the upload is done, you will receive a message stating successful completion of the process such as the data has been successfully sent.

Uploading maps by MapSource on the system

 1: Open the application of Garmin MapSource.

 2: Choose the map which you want to load from the drop-down menu. It will be in the upper left corner of the window. When you select the map, it will take some time to load in the main window.

 3: Zoom to an appropriate level so that you can analyze which parts you want.  

4: Click the Map Tool option which you will find in the tool-bar.

 5: Select the segments by dragging a selection box on the map. The chosen areas will be highlighted in pink which will appear in the map tab on the left side of the screen. At the bottom of it, you will be able to see the size of the segments you have selected.

 6: Repeat the steps if you wish to load other maps at the same time

7: Plug your device into the computer and click on Send to Device option. When the process concludes, it will generate a message stating successful completion which will be this: The data has been successfully sent.

In case if the device is not able to receive maps or the application is not operating up to the mark then you can contact Garmin customer support. It is possible that the gadget may have encountered damage which is why it is not able to update itself. In such a case, only an expert can guide you well so it will be a wise decision to connect with a specialist.For the idea of getting more piece of information, they may discuss the expert team through our provided interactive platform GPS Support Number that is accessible at all times.Our Garmin support toll-free number +1-877-794-2715 can be dialed anytime with a view to getting support to the problems at once.  We work 24/7 hours to give the effective key irrespective of the complexities of the difficulties.