How to Remove Ads from your Kindle?

If your Kindle has ads or Special Offers displaying onscreen, it’s because you made a deal. You picked to save money on your Kindle’s buying price by accepting them with special offers discount. It appeared like a good idea at the time, but now you’re sick of the ads.

Why does Kindle have Special Offers?

You might not have addressed this much thought when you purchased your Kindle, but Amazon gives a cheaper price for the E-reader if you receive Special Offers. As Amazon describes, if your Fire tablet or Kindle e-reader involves Special Offers, you’ll receive Sponsored Screensavers and exclusive offers, including personalized broadcasting, from Amazon undeviatingly on your device.

How do I remove ads and Special Offers from my Kindle?

Remove ads and Special Offers from your Kindle is simple, but Amazon’s not letting you go for anything. Yes, you’ll have to repay to get rid of the ads or Unsubscribe from Exclusive Offers as Amazon puts it.

Here’s how to do it:

Engage in your Amazon account, and go to Control Your Content and Devices.

Choose the Kindle device from which you wish to eliminate Special Offers. Data about the device will seem below the device’s listing onscreen.

Look for a line that says Special Offers and Ads. If you have Exclusive Offers, it will say Subscribed.

Tick the edit link next to Subscribed, and follow the guidance to unsubscribe. Amazon will tell you the volume you need to pay and charge you via your 1-Click Payment setting.

At this point, we won’t assess you if you pause and decide not to pay to get rid of the ads. Experience your Kindle, and bookmark this page in case you get extreme.

With this, all the ads resembling your kindle fire screen will be blocked.

Apart from this, if you want to get rid of the guidance or suggestions, here is the method to block them:

STEPS TO BLOCK THE Instructions:

  1. Click on settings
  2. Click on Applications
  3. Enter on the Home Screen

You will get helped with Show/Hide instructions and click on ‘Hide’

Once you hide the instructions and select unsubscribe from the ads, you will not get disrupted with the ads or suggestions. Manage and use your kindle fire without getting bothered by the ads and recommendations by following these easy steps. No more you will be annoyed by the suggestions and ads as you switch on your kindle fire! To instantly get rid of ads on kindle fire and for adding a device to Amazon Kindle then you can contact us at our Toll free Number +1-877-794-2715.