How to setup Netgear Genie for your Router?

In today’s fast-paced online world, internet and wifi access are of utmost significance. We can’t survive for a moment without internet access. It has become a requirement! As we say necessity is the mother of inventions, to control this need of internet access people have come up a lot of new devices which make our lives comfortable and convenient. Get in touch with our Netgear Genie technical experts to clarify your doubts and know anything and everything about Netgear Genie.

Netgear’s products include a mixture of hi-tech devices which consist of wireless or wired devices for broadband and network connectivity. Netgear’s products focus on security and its user-friendliness. Recently, Netgear has started its Genie app which supports you control your router on your finger-tips. NetgearSupport offers a free Android and iOS mobile app. Netgear Genie Smart Support – Need any help? Just callus at the toll-free number.

Here are several things which you can command through this Genie App:

  • Password protected app.
  • Control your home interface from your mobile phone.
  • Easily monitor the network.
  • Diagnose and repair network issues.
  • Set up parental controls.
  • Set up a Guest wifi network
  • Enable access control and pause internet access.
  • Reboot your router
  • Track your data usage.
  • Network map which enables you to block the system of the associated devices.
  • Download the Genie App for your Android or iOS mobile devices. If previously downloaded the app, you can renew the earlier version.

How to setup Netgear Genie for your router:

If you have already created a Netgear account for other Netgear app, you can use the same credentials for this app instead of creating a new one.

  • To build a Netgear account using the Genie mobile app:
  • Connect to the router’s wifi network with your mobile device.
  • Launch the Genie mobile app.
  • Tap thecreateNetgear account button.
  • Fill up the account registration page displayed
  • End the account enrollment fields by filling up relevant info, agree to the terms and conditions and tap the nextkey.
  • A verification email will be sent to your mentioned email address.
  • To confirm your Netgear account, log in to the email that you used to build your Netgear account. Follow the guidelines emailed to you from the Netgear customer support.
  • Click on launch app in the genie app on your mobile device. The dashboard will be displayed.
  • Your Netgear account is activated.

NetGear genie logininto your router using the Genie mobile app:

  • Link your mobile device to the router’s wifi interface.
  • Launch the Genie mobile app.
  • Click the Sign in key.
  • Enter your Netgear account details and tap the Sign in key.
  • Insert your router’s password and hit the login switch.

Hope these suggestions assist you setup Netgear Genie with ease.

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