How to Solve the Amazon Kindle App Crashing Problem?

Amazon launched a Kindle application for the book lover. This electronic amazon kindle book reader app became very popular in a short time because of its well-managed services and user-friendly. Amazon made this app delivery very smooth till date, and it is compatible in various different mobile devices. Nowadays, most people use the Android devices and Kindle app is accessible on their devices as well.

How to Solve the Amazon Kindle App Crashing Issues

But some customers recently started facing problems with the app, and that is known as Amazon Kindle App crashing issue. It becomes so disturbing that people accuse on the mobile operating system, but the actual difficulty found on the App itself. When Amazon Kindle app crashing problem occurs it will take you back to the home screen automatically whenever you try to start the app. Here we are going to mention a few steps, and you can follow them if you face the Kindle App crashing problem on your Android device.

  • Whenever you are receiving this issue first clear the cache of the application and restart your phone to check if the query re-occurs.
  • Next thing is to clear the application information with the app cache from your android phone to solve Amazon Kindle App crashing issue. And do not forget to restart the device.
  • The very next thing you can try by un-installing and re-installing the app from Google Play store.

If the problem is still there, please perform the following steps which require a PC or laptop.

  • Open the Amazon website and register your device from the Amazon account.
  • Un-install the App from your smartphone.
  • Turn off the Developer setting on the phone settings.
  • Restart the phone and check again if the Developer setting is off.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and install the Kindle App once again.
  • Now enroll your account from App, and it should run in the exact way.

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