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Kindle technical experts

Is Kindle Fire HD The Ultimate Budget Tab?

Amazon is well known for bringing out budget tablets especially when it comes to the Kindle Fire range. This has long been popular amongst technology user’s world. Recently the launch of Kindle Fire HD 8.9 took place; this tablet is priced at $347.28. Let us find out more about it and understand if it is worth buying.

Design and Screen

Although this tablet sports HD, screen display but you cannot help feeling the weight of this tablet at 576g. This makes it 80% heavier than the iPad Mini. The backside of this tablet has a soft plastic like feel that gives it a strong look. The speaker grill is located within a glossy plastic strip. However, you will be disappointed with this tab, as it does not have any expandable memory storage option. Nonetheless, you still have the option of cloud storage. You have the option of 32GB storage as internal memory provided and 16GB version available. Other things include a micro USB charging port and a micro HDMI input. The screen view is a landscape that sports the ports at the bottom edge that makes it handling easier when it is connected. Additionally, the software has the auto-rotate functionality when you flip the device.

Sporting an 8.9-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1080p makes it a strong contender against other tablets that sport a low-resolution screen. The density of pixels on Kindle HD is 254ppi the display does seem sharp and on par with the Retina Display of its rival. Other things like contrast, color saturation and the black level are impressive to look upon. If you are addicted to e-reading then you will be pleasantly surprised with its sharp text display.


The wireless connectivity has nothing extraordinary to offer it is as basic as it can be. You get options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while other connectivity options are missing. You seriously need to consider another tablet if you are looking for additional connectivity options like NFC, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi direct. The worst part is that there is no GPS; it seems that this is what you get when you go for a budget tablet.

Music and Video

The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 comes with the option of accessing services like Amazon music and video store, Amazon bookstore and newsstand. For playing your own content, you can choose from the options in the tab menu available for device and cloud. You will be easily able to play your favorite videos and music by a simple drag and drop functionality into the internal memory of the tablet.


The interface of Kindle 8.5 is better as compared against the 7-inch version. The navigation tabs get more space and you will find it easier to browse through. Powered with dual-core 1.5GHz CPU this tablet has a 1GHz RAM. This seems to be pretty satisfactory for a user unless you know that the software is a lower version of Android.

 Another thing that you might find disappointing is that the content streaming works batter when you are online. Other things like app and game performance are a lot better than content streaming. You will enjoy playing a hi-end 3D game. However, there is yet another catch, you might need to wait for a few seconds for the game to load and access your tablet.Get in touch with our Kindle technical experts to clarify your doubts anytime.

Summing-up There seems to be high contrast in what this tablet has to offer versus the expectations of technology users. If we talk about the pros of Kindle Fire HD 8.5 tablet then you will find factors like High-resolution screen that is on par with Retina Display, necessary connectivity options and budget pricing that speak in favor of it. Other things like the OS Vanilla Android that is the old version and the missing option of expandable memory might have you thinking for an instance about another option.We hope these guidelines helped you to fix kindle fire problems. Still, if you face any issue; directly contact to Kindle Fire Support number +1-877-794-2715 for immediate help.