Microsoft office has never been free to use. So you finally have to be compelled to download it so as to enjoy its exclusive advantages. Also, when you use an office suite while not activating it (adding the activation/product key). A window reading ‘Microsoft Office Activation Wizard’ pops of each time you begin anew with any of the office apps. Well, this is often not a blunder but a real decision from the suite because Microsoft doesn’t need you to use it for free of charge. In this post, I’ll be telling you why activation of MS Office setup is very important and the way you’ll stop seeing the activation wizard.

What is the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard?

It is a tool added to the MS office for the convenience of its users when they need to activate their office downloaded from It’s primarily a tool to alter the activation method. Microsoft needs its users to activate their MS office copies so that verification of the installation can be done.

Advantages of MS Office Activation

Buying a product key and entering it to activate MS Office opens up its full functionality. In addition, Microsoft pushes out discounted offers to their genuine users, on their various products.

How to eliminate the activation wizard window experience?

1: From Within the Program

Open any Office app to see the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard.

Click on Change Product Key, and enter the 25-digit product key.

Other than the above steps, you can also do the activation by closing the wizard and going to the File tab. Under the file tab, click on Info, and then select Product Activation Required.

2: Online Activation

Navigate: File > Help.

Click Activate Product Key and follow the easy steps to activate MS Office. There is really no free method to make the activation wizard disappear. Moreover, activation is not merely about spending bucks but also enjoying exclusive benefits and other office apps like MS Publish. For any inquiries, you can also contact us at our toll-free Microsoft Office Support Number +1-877-794-2715

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